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ftiaday's Journal

F.T Island a Day
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f.t island a day.

F.T. Island (Korean : 에프티 아일랜드), Five Treasure Island, or FTI, is the name of a South Korean rock ballad band. The name F.T. Island stands for 'Five Treasure Island', each of the five members being a treasure. The band's official color is yellow, and their fans carry yellow flags known as "pentasticks." Their debut album, Cheerful Sensibility, was the sixth best-selling album of 2007 in South Korea. — wiki:FTI; F.T Island Pimp Post

This is pretty much a community dedicated to posting ONE PICTURE A DAY of F.T Island as a goup and.or any of it's members.

Affiliate? Questions? Pimp the comm out? Layout Credits.